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In 1996 the Flaggy Rock State School was closed due to declining student numbers.  

The property lay vacant, deteriorating, for some twelve months during which time all equipment that could be useful to other schools was taken away. This included the schoolhouse, taken to West Hill State School to improve their teacher housing.  

The Queensland Education Department planned to dispose of the remaining assets by selling off the school buildings and land. They even planned to fill in the swimming pool for safety reasons.  However the people of the local and surrounding communities banded together and approached the Broadsound Shire Council (BSC) to intervene and save the facility for community use.  

A meeting was called inviting all interested persons to attend. Upwards of 30 people were present at the meeting, which was chaired by Michael Parker, CEO of the BSC at the time.  It was agreed that a committee would be formed to administer the facility as a community centre. A five-year plan was developed which included, in the long term, a museum, art and training demonstration areas and a training and education centre.  

Because of the community interest shown, Michael Parker agreed that the BSC would purchase the entire property from the Education Department on behalf of the coastal communities.  

This it did and, in 1998, a volunteer management committee was elected from community members to administer the newly named Flaggy Rock Community Centre (FRCC) on behalf of the BSC and the local communities.  

Council made repairs and painted buildings, laid new vinyl in the demountable schoolroom and provided much assistance to the new committee by hiring a grounds person to maintain the grounds and pool and clean the buildings as required.

 BSC provided an ongoing quarterly payment to the management committee for facility maintenance. It also hired office space from the committee, which enabled the local Community Development Officer to be based in the Centre. To meet all other costs associated with the facility, the management committee fundraised.  

BSC has since relinquished responsibility for the grounds person, handing this commitment to the management committee, which decided to hire a caretaker to be responsible for pool maintenance and cleaning of the buildings. Later when the Internet Access Centre was created in 2001, the caretaker also took on supervision of this facility.  

Since its challenging beginnings, the now incorporated body’s management succeeded in realising many of their long-term plans and even some which were not on the original agenda.

In all things the organisation maintained a close association with the BSC and since council amalgamation, keeps in close contact with the Isaac Regional Council

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